Meadowbrook Nature Preserve

Natural Areas: Meadowbrook Nature Preserve

Meadowbrook protects more than 200 acres and is now the headquarters of the Shirley Heinze Land Trust. Its past as a Girl Scout camp explains the many outbuildings scattered across the western portion of the property. The eastern part was more recently acquired and much of it is subject to an ongoing reforestation effort. High voltage power lines detract somewhat from the ambiance, but time will surely transform this place. Until then, I suggest focusing on the trails in the scenic stream valley just east of the parking area.

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Porter County. From the intersection of US 6 and IN 49, west 1.0 mile on US 6 to Meridian, then south 1.0 mile to 700 North, then west 1.1 miles to the entrance on the right.

GPS: N 41 32.141 W 87 05.237



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