Pennywort Cliffs

Natural Areas: Pennywort Cliffs


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This Nature Conservancy property protects more than two hundred acres crisscrossed by old lanes. Woods dominate the preserve, though some of the trees are of recent vintage. Of special interest are two spring-fed streams that converge and then tumble over a small waterfall before making their way to join Big Creek, a tributary of the Muscatatuck River. Beech, sweet gum, oak, and tulip poplar rise above; wildflowers and ferns below. The lane network is unmarked, overgrown, and elaborate enough to be confusing; plan to take your time and remain mindful of your location. Also, watch your step I once encountered a small sinkhole with an underground stream gurgling below.


Jefferson County. From the intersection of IN 7 and IN 250, go west 3.5 miles on IN 250, and then south 1.4 miles on 800 West to an opening in the tree line on the left. Park along the road.

GPS: N 38 49.056 W 85 32.222



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