Guthrie Woods

Natural Areas: Guthrie Woods

State Designated Nature Preserve [#171; 1999]

Woodland interior

Woodland Interior. Click to enlarge

If you think trails and wilderness are incompatible, Guthrie Woods may be your kind of place. Impediments to straightforward navigation abound: large, irregular patches of sticky white soil, ephemeral ponds, the lavish wreckage of fallen trees, vegetative riots of poison ivy. You won’t need a flashlight – at least during the day – but the majestic cathedral-like ceiling formed by the branches and leaves of these old growth trees admit very little of summer’s light. The trees are bigger to the north but getting there can be a challenge. Whichever way you try to go, obstacles seem to pop up and redirect you; my own visits invariably end as I emerge from the woods, blinking, far from my intended destination. Bring a compass.


Jennings County. From the intersection of IN 3 and IN 7 south of Vernon, go south 5.9 miles on IN 7, then left 1.3 miles on County Line Rd (500 S) to the marker at the preserve’s SE corner. Pull over as far as you dare, minding the steep ditch.

GPS: N 38 54.752 W 85 31.212



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