Saunders Woods

Natural Areas: Saunders Woods

State Designated Nature Preserve [#181; 2001]

Forest interior

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Saunders Woods comprises more than a thousand acres of bottomland forest in western Gibson County. DNR states that there are old growth trees here, though parts of the preserve are clearly much younger. State Highway 64 and County Road 100N pass through parts of the woods. While those roads break up the forest block, they also provide easier access to large portions of the preserve. An old parking lot at the coordinates listed below is surrounded by younger trees, but a short walk north along 800 West allows access to more mature specimens. Better yet, park along 100 North and explore either to the north or south. Expect a relatively open understory, but with spectacular stands of poison ivy and, in places, briars.


Gibson County. From IN 64 X IN 65 west of Princeton, go northwest 0.7 miles on IN 64 and you will be at one edge of the woods.

GPS: N 38 21.586 W 87 42.897



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